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  1. NAILSavers™ Box (12 Packs)

    NAILSavers™ Box (12 Packs)

    • The best UV and SUNLESS nail protectors in the tanning industry! Protect your expensive nail treatments from yellowing, drying, and lifting while utilizing tanning beds.
    • For SUNLESS tanners, NAILSavers will protect against unsightly stained fingernails, cuticles and expensive nail treatments while spray tanning.
    • Soft PVC vinyl (no latex) with UV inhibitors
    • Reusable, one size fits all
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  2. FACESaver Promotional Poster

    FACESaver Promotional Poster

    • Dimensions: 18" x 24"
    • Aqueous coating on 100 lb. gloss text paper
    • Display in entrance/lobby or bathroom/lounge
    • Self-explanatory & highly visible
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  3. Small Promotional Poster

    Small Promotional Poster

    • Dimensions: 8" x 10"
    • Double-sided (NAILSavers™/FACESavers)
    • Gloss heavy cardstock
    • Can be used as insert for 8 x 10 clear acrylic stand
    • Display in individual tanning room/cubicle
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